"On the podium was young Carlo Goldstein from Trieste, a new name among conductors: if the orchestra was well known, he was the revelation."

Musica - Luca Segalla


I love conducting large orchestras as well as small ensembles, playing solo or with one, two, three or more friends or strangers; rehearsing patiently; accompanying intuitively; performing at a live concert surrounded by others in a vast hall, or studying alone in my room. I love reading and performing music that was written only yesterday, and also replaying and rediscovering a symphony from two hundred years ago; thinking, talking or writing about music: there's simply no aspect of music to which I am indifferent, there is no activity related to it that I do not find fascinating and close to my heart.
Music is an ancient practice that is very time-consuming, yet it also requires that we devote much time to other things: even though our inner "instrument" may become damaged and tarnished if we do not always keep our eyes on the musical score, it is only by reading what we must read, by traveling and getting to know other languages, and by absorbing the diversity and complexity of the world we are exploring, that we give our "instrument" something real and authentic to express. If we do nothing but sit and study a score, we will not find much; instead, if we return to our studies with renewed discipline after a journey, we will discover the whole world.
Come and visit me whenever you feel like it – either here on the site, or backstage after one of my concerts…


Upcoming Event:

AUGUST 9, 16 & 17
Copenhagen - Hedeland Opera Festival
Puccini - La Fanciulla del West
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